Events are often fired by frontline ambassadors, supported by coupons and collateral material and anchored by branded exhibits or props that further the brand identity and image.


yardleysingoff1. YARDLEY OF LONDON, AND KOHLER - We conducted a 24 city tour for Yardley of London that had a multitude of objectives: create buzz and excitement, reintroduce their soaps, create a media hook and attention, sample and coupon.  Part of the excitement was wrapped around having a soap opera star show up and join in the promotion.. he was ultimately the "Soap Stud".  Consumers were able to step up and sing acapella to win Yardley gift baskets and have their photo taken with the Soap Stud.  To energize the event we solicited cooperation with Kohler who supported event with the exhibit build and their product line. We rigged a microphone into the shower massager and had the acapella singer sing into the shower massager while in the mock shower stall. The rest made media history in front of hundreds of consumers in every event location we toured the event.

We were responsible for exhibit design and consulting, tour logistics, exhibit install and dismantle, staffing, security, venue negotiation, and communications.

Exhibitry32. SEAWORLD / SESAME PLACE and AUSSIE - We designed and built the kiosk that Exhibitry2addressed the needs of the clients to stop consumers in their tracks to admire the art work and kiosks. The kiosks were loaded with digital footage from the parks, from Aussie it was an actual bathrobe set into a 3D display. The kiosks were die cut and laminated with high contrast colors that were psychological appealing to youngsters (for the Sesame Place kiosk). We also were responsible for install, maintenance and dismantle of kiosks.

3. AMERICAN GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION - We consulted and designed a three piece kiosk to tour America's leading science museums. The kiosks were interactive and one was built in the shape of a human body with a talking head, video game in the abdomen, a museum like educational panel at waist, an interactive computer with touch screen for entry, and provision for printing out the names and contact information for AGA certified Gastroenterologists located nearest to the consumer's. Our responsibilities also included collaboration with video gaming company to create interactive game for kiosks that promoted awareness of h. Pylori and other gastroenterological diseases, installs, and dismantle for nationwide tour.

4. NORELCO - We developed and consulted exhibit and promotion design in collaboration with Ketchum Worldwide for Norelco to introduce their at home hair cutting system on a 20 city tour of mega malls across America. From the barber pole to the barber's chair every part of the barber shop was brought into the design to create an experiential setting. In addition to the exhibit build a professional barber toured with the event; not just any barber, it was the barber for the NY Knicks 6th Man - Anthony Mason who either cut the hair with the product himself or assisted the mom's to cut their children's hair with the Norelco hair system. The designs the barber cut on some heads were iconic of what you saw on television with the designs then cut into the hair of Mason such as "Knicks #1".. one consumer actually had their union jack cut into his hair. Consumers with a wait list that was endless from open to close.



Event Marketing Experience

  1. Nationwide experiential event marketing;
  2. Strategic brand development and integration;
  3. Large scale events, pop-ups, tours, show logistics, and management;
  4. Sponsorship package development;
  5. Consumer promotion;


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