Event marketing through mall tours nationwide. This one with the pop-up exhibit landed at 24 cities


Health and Beauty is often an elusive concept for someone looking at a photo in a magazine or at a billboard, especially when those in the photos are highly paid models who look nothing like the average consumer who may have a bit of work in the morning just to catch up to remotely resembling who they aspure to look like.  Fortunately, there are live activations where you can amplify your message and place your product and service right in front of and more acutely.. into the consumer's hands, skin or donning their body.


Pop-ups on street corners, in front of channel partners, etc.We take care of permitting, insurance, rentals, staff management and logistics1. ESTEE LAUDER - We were called to secure space for a product launch in NYC at one of the busiest intersections in Manhattan on 5th Avenue. Working with both Estee Lauder and Saks Fifth Avenue we secured a permit for the event to take place at the intersection shared by Saks Fifth Avenue and St. Patrick's Cathedral. This was in addition to convincing the city to re-route their bus as the bus stop was at that intersection. The event used make over artists who conducted the same outdoors in the pop-up while driving immediate sales into Saks Fifth Avenue. Along with tenting, rentals, permitting, event management and A/V was the need to locate a Airstream (client decided on an RV instead) to be legally parked and operating as a HQ at the event site.

This particular one day event was replicated for a second event Estee Lauder wanted to be conducted near Union Square, NYC next to the Farmer's Market. We advised to not diminish the perception of the products and brand and to locate the event closer to an icon more fitting. The location we secured was right next to the iconic "Coffee Shop" across from Union Square where again the pop-up was overflowing with women of all ages in cue to receive a make over from Estee Lauder.  Over 5,000 pedestrians crossed the intersection every hour for a total of 30,000 consumers who were exposed to the brand and excitement as they passed by, and were even driven into Saks Fifth Avenue. Several hundred makeovers were conducted.


2. LOREAL - How do you promote the quality of your shampoo and conditioner that stands out against hundreds of ads and coupons in the same section?  A branded presence was created for Loreal to tour over 20 mega malls across America with a stunning backdrop. In addition we were able to conduct live hair shampoos with the product by installing working sinks with hot and cold water, as well as hair styling sessions with spray products and gels where the consumers were able to experience the quality of the product right on the spot as they were being treated like VIP's. A great message and viral event that had buzzworthy appeal and great positive response.

Event Marketing Experience

  1. Nationwide experiential event marketing;
  2. Strategic brand development and integration;
  3. Large scale events, pop-ups, tours, show logistics, and management;
  4. Sponsorship package development;
  5. Consumer promotion;


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