If you want to brand your destination, or create crazy amounts of traffic and positive exposure for your service, product or brand an easy crowd building method is a music festival or concert.


1) FALLFEST - We have developed and produced a wealth of music oriented events from FallFest which attracted 24,000 guests on a single evening for a three day event.  It had two side by side concert stages, a silver screen for movies under the starlight, dance tent for dancing, a full sized carnival, muscle and antique car show, and legendary fireworks display by Grucci Fireworks - the first family of fireworks.

From meetings with venue administration, security, public safety, fire department, grounds crews, as well as carnival operator, funding sources, media and Felix Grucci and talent agents there was no shortage of external and internal meetings to make sure all was hammered out as to support and responsibilities. In addition to finding, mobilizing and managing over 300 volunteers and 80 paid staff including grounds, staging, light and sound, to security the operation took one year to plan and execute.

FallFest is one of Carson's legacy events for what is possible, and how many people will come once he built it.  Although Carson is no longer involved in this massive undertaking the runs still as folded into another branded event.


 Traffic2) ASIAN AMERICAN & PACIFIC ISLANDER HERITAGE FESTIVAL (AAPI) - Working with the board to amp up an tired and dwindling property we drafted an ambitious plan to help get the Coalition of Asian/Pacific Americans (CAPA, a 501C(3) non-profit) back on top and branded in such a way donors and exhibitors would ask when the next event was so they could again participate. It proved incredibly successful as in turned exhibitors into sponsors, gained repeat participants, built an unequaled brand, and attracted 20,000 guests.

Locations we produced AAPI festivals include: Ellis Island (National Park Service), Union Square, Dumbo, Chinatown NYC, Flushing, and NBC Universal; with press conferences at the Rubin Museum, and Museum Of Chinese Americans.

We were involved soup to nuts from:

  • Development;
  • Planning;
  • Sponsorships;
  • Programming;
  • Marketing;
  • Advertising;
  • Press releases;
  • Event layout and design;
  • Tenting;
  • Rentals;
  • Exhibitor sales;
  • Curation of section for artisans and crafts people;
  • Engagement with over 120 non-profit exhibitors;
  • Activation and installation of touring museum panels;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Development of workshop and speaker panel as part of programming;
  • Celebrity and talent acquisition and management (over 20 headliners, 6 performance groups, and 8 martial arts schools);
  • Timelines;
  • Run of Show;
  • KPI's;
  • Budgeting;
  • Stage scripts;
  • Grounds;
  • Permits (Parks Dept, NYPD, NYFD, and NYC government);
  • Insurance;
  • Road closures;
  • Logistics;
  • Printing and signage;
  • Refuse removal
  • Lavatory planning and install; and
  • Volunteer management.










Over 100 volunteers recruited, mobilized and managed. Conducted committee meetings and parsed out responsibilities and solicited feedback from 20 board members.



Event Marketing Experience

  1. Nationwide experiential event marketing;
  2. Strategic brand development and integration;
  3. Large scale events, pop-ups, tours, show logistics, and management;
  4. Sponsorship package development;
  5. Consumer promotion;


Doing More In Less Time

Business owners and executives work at 120% - 130% capacity!  It is virtually impossible to get "everything" done in the course of your work day.

Studies show there are 340 hours of reading and catching up to do at any given point.  Because executives are working with smaller staff and doing more in less time, they constantly working just to get out from under the backlog.


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