“When I was vp marketing at Chock full o'Nuts, we hired Carson to sample Chock coffee at shopping malls throughout the US under the Better Homes & Gardens banner. The events were a successful element in our guerilla marketing program to reach consumers outside traditional TV advertising. You won't go wrong with Carson on your team!” Andrea Bass, Vice President Marketing.


“When one looks for partners or colleagues, they seek individuals with integrity, vision, and execution skills. In the event marketing space, Carson has those three (3) key attributes in spades. Take for example, the Asian American Heritage Festival. Carson came up with a fair pricing structure, a well planned site layout, and coordinated day-of operations with such gusto and enthusiasm, that our sponsors are already calling us back for another year. From the folks at the Asian American Heritage Festival (and the 20,000+ people who visited), "thank you." Stephen Chen, Executive Director, Coalition of Asian and Pacific Americans

“I have known Carson for more than 25 years. He has always been a detail-oriented hard working colleague. He is a terrific people person and possesses a wonderful disposition. He also has the ability to keep calm under pressure. Carson has always been a tremendous asset to any project we've worked on.”
Harry Javer, President, The Conference Bureau


“Thank you presenting at our FEGS entrepreneurial conference. Your creative knowledge and hands-on background in event marketing and experiential strategies had the our 200 attendees up and energized. I continue to receive rave comments about the marketing and sales strategies you ingeniously crafted into a memorable experiential platform. They are still buzzing about it; and they want more of you!"
Fabianne Gershon, Director - Thypin Oltchick Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship @  FEGS



"Carson Worldwide quite clearly is a focused, detailed-oriented individual with excellent marketing and presentational skills. Working personally with him, I have seem him aggressively aid our mutual business clients using dogged determination and visionary campaigns. I'm very impressed with Carson, and look forward to continuing to benefit from any future work we share together." David Brucas, Consulting Project Director - Oracle.

“From the moment I met Carson,  I knew I liked him. He was smart, funny, savvy and willing to give of himself 100% to his students and business partners. I've since worked with Carson on numerous events and I can say first hand that he puts on an event that delivers on all levels. He provides excellent speakers, crazy wild experiences like eating fire, walking on glass, breaking arrows with your neck...all in the name of breaking through fear and creating a memorable experience. And that's just what it does, the Powermastery students come back again and again to get another dose of support, enthusiasim and knowledge.  If you never experienced a powermastery event, do yourself a favor and put it on your "live list". Powermastery gets an "A" in my book. 
Fran Capo, TV Talk Show Host, Keynote, World Record Holder and Comedian

"I am working with Carson on a 40+ city summit tour designed to connect with high-end business owners and executives. Carson's vision was the catalyst for this project, and it has become the vision for myself and our other partners. Carson is a dedicated individual with a unique ability to create high-caliber results in a project. He is blessed an innate strategic thinking ability which has helped us create and adhere to realistic budgets and garner powerful corporate sponsors. His expertise in experiential marketing and event development has been invaluable in bringing this seminar tour to life."
Erik Luhrs, President - The GURUS Selling System.


"Carson Tang is truly a visionary, and a real "out-of-the-box" strategist. He's a true master of the latest strategies and information available, with respect to marketing and influence. I've joined Carson for numerous client meetings, and I've seen his creativity in action -- as well as his commitment to client service, and delivering outstanding results. I've recommended Carson to my clients, and will definitely continue to do so!" Tom Martin, President - Tom Martin Media.


"I have known Carson for a few years and upon meeting him, it is patently clear that he is focused on delivering the absolute best experiences and events for his clients. His positive outlook is simply contagious" Lena West, Owner - XynoMedia Technology.

"Carson is an "outside the box" creative thinker who consistently imagined results-driven programs for our clients, and then followed thru with hands-on logistical management. He effectively and successfully executed multi million dollar events and satisfied even the most demanding clients."
Howard Gintell, President - Gintell & Associates.

"Carson has been organizing events for almost 28 years starting in college. He is always detail oriented and gets passionately involved in every project." Brian Reilly, Partner - Transact Partners International LLC.


"Carson is an excellent business partner and friend. His expertise in marketing, humanitarian work and volunteer work sets him apart from the masses. I have counted on Carson's incredible talents and seen his work first hand in events that he hosts. Carson is a valued friend and i respect his talents. He has introduced me a few people who have the expertise to help my company grow. Thank you Carson." Moses Singh, Owner - RAAS Inc.


"Carson Tang is a unique and outstanding leader (with a huge heart and passion) whom can be counted upon to bring professionalism, dedication and commitment to any project he undertakes. Carson is multi-talented and generous with his time, energy and vast knowledge. Carson Tang is one of the most awe inspiring and humble leaders I have ever met. I believe he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to, regardless of the challenge. I have not only seen the tremendous results of Carson's efforts, I also have benefited personally from his benevolence and giving spirit... he always seems to give more than what is expected and that is rare to find these days." Rick Panson, President - Healthy Body.


"Carson is an extraordinary individual. He has created an industry as well as his niche within that industry. He has exceptional people skills. I have worked with Carson committed to both personal growth and to helping those around us. Carson stands out as a Leader among Leaders. I am proud and honored to consider Carson a friend and colleague. His work ethic and integrity are valued by those of us who have the privilege to know him." David Block. Owner - Taxmaster Financial Services Corporation.


"Your seminar, combined with reading the book; "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, plus applying some NLP has caused a huge amount of interest in my business! I now have two more clients and one existing client taking advantage of all that my firm has to offer - read: $$. I'll definitely be attending more events." (Year 1)

"Ditto! The weekend was transformative, fun, exciting, and I learned so much. Thank you Carson for putting this event together which has brought many new friends into my life and helped me with my business. YOU ROCK!" (Year 2) Cathlyn Driscoll, Partner - Search Engine Friend.


"Hey Carson, You are one of the best. Your gift of communication with people and your inspiring ways are always filled with love, compassion and caring. You have been and will always be one of my favorite people. Thank you for all you brought to this family and for the loving way you treat your teammates. I know our paths will cross again so until that day comes continue to make your life a masterpiece. LOVE, Albie" David Albin, Creator - Living Man.


"Carson shared with me his time, his very constructive feedback and his wisdom. Since I started my company he has only sought to help me in as many ways as he can. His presence and his knowledge have been invaluable in helping me to expand and grow my enterprise. Carson is the personification of service and excellence!" Ed Blunt, Founder - BluntArtistry


“Carson is a creative, innovative executive who uses all the tools of the trade both past and cutting edge to help his clients connect with the fickle consumers of today. He is thorough and conscientious giving his clients great value and protecting them from bad practices.” Robin Bossert, President - Bossert TV.


"Carson is extremely energetic and enthusiastic about every thing he does. He uses his strong positive spirit to infect everyone surrounding him with his enthusiasm. Carson is a goldmine of expertise about marketing and motivating people." Greg Miller, President - Greg Miller Photography.


"Hi Carson, Looking great! I want to acknowledge you for making your vision so real and already serving the world so concretely, after our conversation about this in the Fall. Well done. I am off to teach in Holland, France, and Italy and back mid May. Kudos and here's to our greatest happiness and success, and a healthier world, David" David Ellzey, Senior Trainer - The Sedona Method


"I have known Carson for a few years now and I can say that he is one of the most passionate, focused men with huge Integrity that I know. He brings all he is to all he does and anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to work or play with him will say the same" Dug McGuirk, Account Executive - Anthony Robbins Companies.


Virtually the same time you were "writing on my wall"  I was trying to write on yours ... but couldn't.  Coincidence?  Yes! A meaningful intersecting of events. Carson, I'll say it again ... you did a superb job putting together a life-changing and transformational weekend.  May the success of it grow and grow for you and those who attended! Karen Garvey, Bridging the Realms


"Hi everyone, I just want to acknowledge Carson for a really fantastic retreat this past weekend. If you were there you know how wonderful it was. If you were not there then you missed an outstanding event. I got the chance to sit in on many great speakers as well as meet many new friends. People came from as far away as Montreal, Colorado, and Virginia. Outstanding event Carson. YOU ROCK!!!" James Archer.

"Carson is one of the truly giving people I know. He gives to his friends, his clients, and the world in general, in more ways than most people know. He keeps his word and is as reliable as they come. I would strongly recommend Carson for any project or event with confidence."
Samuel Liebowitz, D&T Development.


"Hi Carson, the job you are doing is incredible. Our members are lucky to have you as you sacrifice your own time showing people how to live with passion. I am personally at the best mental and physical shape (financial is great but lower on that spectrum) I have been in for the past ten years. Going to your events jump started me to the life I enjoy today." Michael Giallella.


"Dear Carson, Thank you so much for all your good work in pulling together a great Spring Gathering. You did an awesome job! Kristen" Kristen Sykes, Mid-Atlantic Project Manager - Appalachian Mountain Club.


"Carson, We enjoyed the weekend, the company, food, housing and the location was excellent. Thanks again for making this a memorable experience for all of us." Scott Karpuk, Co-Chair Conservation - AMC Worcester Chapter.


"Hi Carson, I just wanted to thank you for the super job you do making these meetings so great, and for the email updates. The meetings are so well run that it seems as if there is no effort involved, but I know having done some myself that there is a lot of effort that goes in to making it seem effortless. Susanna Miller.


"Carson, You have set a new standard for communication about Gatherings with this e-mail. In all the years that I have been attending Gatherings and Club Annual Meeting and Dinners, I have never received an e-mail with this type of information. Regards, Henry" Henry Schreiber, Chapter Chair - NY NJ Chapter AMC.


"Carson, Great job orchestrating the meeting. Very successful indeed. Cheers, ~Joseph" Joseph Varghese, Corporate Trainer.


"You really went beyond the call of duty. You are a good person. All the best. Brenda" Brenda Wyetzner, Executive Recruiter.


"What an AWESOME weekend!  Thank you Carson!!!! Great job! Can't wait for next year's Empowerment Retreat!!!" Vanessa Ferreira, Managing Director, Delegacion Internacional De Variedades Artisticas

Event Marketing Experience

  1. Nationwide experiential event marketing;
  2. Strategic brand development and integration;
  3. Large scale events, pop-ups, tours, show logistics, and management;
  4. Sponsorship package development;
  5. Consumer promotion;


MWBE Certification

There is a reason why a growing number of companies are seeking to do business with certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises ("MWBE").

City, State and Federal Tax Incentives

Retaining a MWBE supplier for your company can result in tax incentives, rebates and breaks from a variety of governmental agencies. Whether the MWBE is contracted or sub-contracted to perform work for your business the tax incentives can provide your company significant tax savings or credits for work earmarked as MWBE contracted or sub-contracted work.

Internal and External Supplier Diversity Requirements

Companies in the US often have internal or external pressures to employ and employ diversity as part of their conducting business.

Read More...  Carson Worldwide MWBE Certification

Doing More In Less Time

Business owners and executives work at 120% - 130% capacity!  It is virtually impossible to get "everything" done in the course of your work day.

Studies show there are 340 hours of reading and catching up to do at any given point.  Because executives are working with smaller staff and doing more in less time, they constantly working just to get out from under the backlog.


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