#Living fully is about tackling challenges and embracing failures, not giving up and never starting.
All too often the inner #chatterbox sends out a warning out of #fear based on past #experience or what we've been taught. When we receive the message it stops us dead in our tracks. By the way, did you know you can stop someone dead in their tracks or in the midst of their unwanted line of thought instantly in the same way?

Have you seen anyone stop short of their own #dreams or #goals because someone else scared them into paralysis or they painted a gloomy image of failure for them? Having watched all too many fall short of the finish line (several proverbial feet away) or not even starting I've adopted a S.T.O.P. attitude:

Test, Observe, and Proceed

If you try it you will #experience amazing results. How many times do you #commit to doing something, going somewhere, and just bail out because your lazy butt just all of a sudden doesn't feel like following through on your #commitment? #Badhabits are difficult to break until you see what it's costing you, what you're missing out on, and how it makes you look.

Next time you see or hear that caution, don't just stop, turn around and throw away your dreams, plans, and mission; check it out, probe it and test it.. then perhaps it will be okay to proceed :)

Event Marketing Experience

  1. Nationwide experiential event marketing;
  2. Strategic brand development and integration;
  3. Large scale events, pop-ups, tours, show logistics, and management;
  4. Sponsorship package development;
  5. Consumer promotion;


Doing More In Less Time

Business owners and executives work at 120% - 130% capacity!  It is virtually impossible to get "everything" done in the course of your work day.

Studies show there are 340 hours of reading and catching up to do at any given point.  Because executives are working with smaller staff and doing more in less time, they constantly working just to get out from under the backlog.


Crewing & Interning

Get hands-on experience in Experiential Events

Learn and grow your portfolio in the event industry as a volunteer.

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