I've been producing experiential events and event marketing programs for close to 30 years, or before the invention of the wheel - which some seem to spin a whole lot. Those I've worked with include NBC, Intel, India and Malaysia tourism, City of New York, Nissan, Chock Full O' Nuts, Pioneer, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Museum of Natural History, etc. Do you recognize any of these names? If you don't, not to worry you'll at some point in your life recognize at least one unless you live under a rock.

How passion, confidence, trustworthiness and likability has to do with all this is explained in this article.

Allow me to share, I am just a small town boy (okay, full disclosure I'm actually from NYC) and a humble small sized shop (no, not a cobbler) that is in a sea of big fat whales that lumber along and offer the same with lots of bells, whistles and sparkly PowerPoints - not that these are bad but someone has to pay for the staff that creates them. Why did some enormous brands, companies and destinations choose to do business with Carson Worldwide for its event and experiential marketing needs? Okay, other than gifting them a Ferrari or trip to Zermatt for the holidays (not) here is how..


It's simple for several reasons, when my clients have an issue, question or concern they speak directly with the person who can make a decision (Me, not someone overseas working out of a shack, not Jimmy the pool boy, no one but me) to make it happen within the speed of thought. They never get the excuse that the person they are speaking with has to speak to their supervisor or someone in another department before they can do something for them.

Important to note Carson Worldwide is also scalable, modular and nimble because I don't have a huge juggernaut to deal with nor temple to the Sun that forces me to charge my clients sky high rates.

If you're responsible for the success of any marketing campaign, you had your name on your work, would you lean towards retaining a company that repeatedly and successfully pulled through for his long laundry list of clients, who has delivered on time or even ahead of schedule with no cost over runs, and is known for working on their clients behalf with a impeccable integrity? Establish your credibility with a clients with recognized brands or namesakes and you open up a doorway to some mighty big clients.

Here's a crazy flashback from a former employer, the owner of one of players in the event marketing industry, said to me "Do you work for the client or do you work for this firm?". Tricky question, but if you are truly client centric and acted with integrity, this would be a no brainer. Because of my business ethics and service to clients it landed me contracts with Nissan, Ketchum PR Worldwide, Estee Lauder, Loreena McKennitt, and Norelco, and secured face to face meetings with Universal, China tourism, Hong Kong tourism, Sharp, Niagara Falls tourism, and others.

Interesting where conversations with George Plimpton, Bill Boggs, or C level executives will lead you. Even though you may not be able to provide services or products to the person you just met or spoke with, never underestimate the power of their inner circle. They are a wealth of other prospective business opportunities whether them having met others at trade shows, association meetings, etc. Those you connect with are more than happy to introduce you if they feel there may be some synergy there, or if they like you, but don't ever ask them to introduce you to their kid sister.. doesn't go well.

Despite all of what is mentioned above, there is one thing above all else that is key for you to secure business with, IF you have the opportunity to meet or speak with them. Nothing comes close except horseshoes, to these small traits as part of how you present yourself, and I don't mean popping out of a birthday cake. It is passion, confidence, trustworthiness and likability. If nothing else, and I can assure you, if these traits show up in your personality you will get much closer to the sale.

There are ways to instantly create and convey these four traits in your presence, but that is for another business article I'll put together at a later date.

To recap here are some traits that make you invaluable in the bigger picture to landing big accounts:

  • Accessibilty
  • Scalability
  • Not being a one size fits all solution provider
  • Nimbleness
  • Track record of success
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Network circle and referrals

Make it experiential, make it real, and make it relevant!

Carson Worldwide, is known by its clients for creating and producing top of mind experiences, emotionally powerful events, and sustainable strategic outcomes.

30 Years Event Marketing Experience

  1. Nationwide experiential event marketing;
  2. Strategic brand development and integration;
  3. Large scale events, pop-ups, tours, show logistics, and management;
  4. Sponsorship package development;
  5. Consumer promotion;


Doing More In Less Time

Business owners and executives work at 120% - 130% capacity!  It is virtually impossible to get "everything" done in the course of your work day.

Studies show there are 340 hours of reading and catching up to do at any given point.  Because executives are working with smaller staff and doing more in less time, they constantly working just to get out from under the backlog.


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