RockGuySignIf you're a business owner or professional who has spent many years perfecting your resume, or even retiree you will agree the one thing you cannot buy is immortal time. You can buy clothes, cars, houses, jewelery or even fame but never much more time than you think or can afford when the reaper comes knocking.

I read an article about well respected and renown bar owner, Ignatius "Iggy" Huges owner of Iggy's New York, on New York's upper east side of Second Avenue. Summarily he died of a massive heart attack. More importantly it was at the age of 52 years of age, when most people are in their most successful of years and have time to reap what they have built over the years of their lives. First opening an Irish bar in 1995 and then over several incarnations into a family karoke bar that it is today. He believed in creating a community, making each stranger feel like a friend. As the song you hear in Cheers sitcom.. its where you go where everybody knows your name.

A story described how Iggy was always there for others and how he helped a homeless man. He gave that homeless man a job as a dishwasher, and paid him a salary. He later went on to become a superintendent of two buildings, got married and had two children. When we talk about creating the ripples in a big sea of humanity.. imagine if one of his two children was a EMT who hospital worker who saves your life one day? If they were never born, someone could have suffered the same fate as Iggy. Now I've never been to Iggy's beause I am not a bar person, but sometimes the events tap into these type of venues where the energy resonates with what I believe will elevate those who are involved in the events I produce for other businesses.

The point is there are people who squander their time doing nothing of value in the fabric of society, hording money or seeking fame, that they lose sight of the most important thing in being human - is what it means to be part of humanity. Often they get it, but not before its too late and they have no time to make a mark, leave an intrinsic legacy, and leave this plain of existence with nothing to show for it for what others can remember profoundly and endearingly for.

I challenge you to do something today outside of what you already do for your family to impart something that leaves a piece of who you are in touching the lives of others even beyond your years. It need not have to do with money, it could be providing comfort or support to someone, perhaps someone struggling with depression or challenged, to volunteer and give back, not for ego but out of the warmth of your heart.

Having given untold hours of time, expertise and my unpaid dedication to many non-profits, worthy causes and have helped thousands of individuals with what I do individually and through my company, and with my busy schedule, let me say if I can do it so can you.

Allow me to share, each day I hear people talking about waking up and hitting their snooze button dreading having to go to work, or in asking them how are things and their response is either "same ole" or "same sh*t different day." you: 1) want to find new people to surround you with; and 2) realize how you feel about it if that was you.

You won't see me hitting that snooze button too often nor hearing me talk about something other than another big bold adventure or the events produce that bring people into in what I do and somehow transform them and their outlook. I love what I do, but  more importantly I find gratitude, peace, and fulfillment in contributing to the lives of others in profound meaningful ways.

Make your move today if you haven't done so already and feel see the change in your stride, the glow of your spirit and the bright outlook you paint for yourself and others because you have the power to alter the universe and trajectory of thousands of lives with each little thing you do, or don't.

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