Lighting a Fire Under Your Prospects Pants - Give them an experience they won't forget

Break the Sound Barrier by not accepting lip service delivers the day from your prospects. Here are some tried and true strategies to stimulate action by creating experiential touch points.

Successful business people hear the clarion call to arms rather settle for delivering lip service as this only generates short term results.
So too, your prospects expect deliverables not empty promises and fluff.

Having developed and delivered countless workshops and bootcamps on personal and business empowerment built of creating tangible and relevant experiences Carson has identified and brought into practice what works and trimmed out what does not from the subconscious and experiential side of buy in. With this an action induction in mind rather than settling for a wait a see passive business approach the tangible results are quite recognizable.

Below are some strategies I've learned from applying, observing and tweaking them in the work I've done in selling an idea, an event and a service while building brand and making my events sustainably memorable.

Not every strategy works as planned nor does every business have the right experience base or staff to implement it seamlessly; however, the proof is in the pudding and if you are open and willing to at least try it, you may see some incredible results you never thought possible.

  • Make it tangible and real. "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush." What the heck does that mean? Perhaps it is better to win one, than go chasing after two which you have remote chances of catching. If you have a product put it in the hands of your prospect (in other words create an experience from them touching, feeling and seeing it), if you have a service give them a sample of what you can do for them, craft a high impact story of what you have done with the service you are offering, and use past experiences in your story. If you create ad copy, website  or brochure use the power of storytelling and use terms that paint pictures for readers;
  • Make your product, service or destination easily accessible and painless if customer is worried about warranty or return policy. Make products easy to order, including any online sale based on a simple easy user web experience. Offer your product and/or information near and readily available. Offer generous hours of availability or to meet regarding services. Make it easy for guests to get to your destination including offering shuttles, etc. Simply, remove any barriers to trial;
  • KISS - "Keep It Simple and Stupid". People want the information and instructions to be 1. simple, and 2. easy enough to understand that a 5th grader can understand it. Some business ad copy amazes me. The ad copy runs volumes, the details or descriptions is quite verbose (okay, I'll admit I was guilty of that myself). People don't like reading lengthy text, nor being confused with something that seems like it was written for a foreign audience. Write, re-write it, and re-write again; with each re-write take out useless text or verbose adjectives (use more verbs);
  • Comparison and Relevancy. Make sure what you say is relevant to 1. the lifestyle or business where your service, product or destination applies, and 2. make comparisons of how your product or service (or destination serving a purpose or need) and how they are applicable to the person's business or life whereas how a competing item may and how it is definitively different than yours. Give actual examples of how the product or service was used, and what positive results were experienced as a consequence;
  • Set forth your unique selling proposition demonstrating how your product, service, brand or destination differs from any other. Show how it stands out; how it makes your prospects' use of it makes life easier, getting things done faster, and them more effective and successful;
  • Use humor if your product, service or brand is friendly to it. It won't work when your offerings or message is based on a serious matter e.g. drug abuse, suicide, financial loss, etc. Humor makes it easier to trust, form connections, break down barriers and resistance to be open to your message; and
  • Stir positive emotions and get your prospect excited. When people are in a good mood and in a positive mindset the prospect is more prone to making a purchase decision, when people are skeptical, in negative mood, etc they are less inclined to making a purchase.

The above reflects a few strategies you can implement immediately to recognize positive results in marketing and branding your product, service and destination. Ultimately, by creating a live experience or stimulating an experiential environment you stimulate sales, top of mind, and build a sustainable anchor for recall.

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