SIX Big Needs for Creating Unforgettable Experiences and Business Outcomes

The world has changed in how you can effectively reach and connect with your target audience, and it will forever be evolving so if you don't keep an eye one the leading edge you may get buried under the landslide.

There have been so many missing the mark on how to connect on a personal level with their audience and who are creating so much noise in the marketing space it just creates more distrust and confusion. This information will be useful to anyone seeking to generate a more positive outcome whether for marketer, information purveyor, business, consumer/customer, or individual.

Basic instinct would tell you its all a numbers game, although the paradox being the more you reach the greater the results BUT only if the strategy or content your are purveying is useful and effective. Sending out a thousands of pieces of sales email may have dramatically poorer results than a single event that reaches a few hundred people where the message conveys relevance, integrity, and value while pushing the limits of desire.

For over 30 years I produced events from large scale events and festivals attracting over 30,000 guests to intimate sized experiential outings and retreats catering to anywhere from eight to several hundred guests.  Practical experience shows us people are alike in more ways that many suspect. This makes them very predictable. Let me explain, when meeting with a business client, I have been asked how much I know about what they do, sell, or offer. My response is 'enough' to understand how to best position their destination, service or product in the minds and hearts of their target audience. This is something important for you to understand in promoting your business because by example you learn you don't need to be a historian for what your offer but you do need to know your customer inside out and how to strategically align what you have with what your customer wants, needs and is curious about.

Everyone has fundamental needs in their life. Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs describes six human needs people experience. There have also been trainers and life coaches who use this information to drive results for their clients. I'll use a hierarchy that is really easy to understand and has been boiled down to apply to any situation at any moment. Anthony Robbins redefined Maslow's hierarchy in an easy to follow and understand manner. Below reflects the way it applies in plain English (in no particular order):


  1. To feel a sense of certainty. To know what you know is right.
  2. To be surprised, spontaneous or not know everything ahead of time. That sense you have power to chose but not have to know ahead of time.
  3. To feel connected. to feel loved.
  4. To feel significant or important. To be heard or to stand out and be recognized.

SECONDARY or FUNDAMENTAL NEEDS (the cherry on top of your primary needs)

  1. To feel you are growing
  2. To feel you are contributing in some way.

In examining the psychology of why people do, or don't do things it all boils down to these simplistic human needs.
Whatever way you dice and slice it, it all comes back to people acting to stay in their comfort zone, and to insure they satisfy their needs. This has been repeatedly tested, applied and observed and at no time does someone act or not act to achieve one of these needs.

SchoonerHow can you also create unforgettable experiences for both current customers and prospective ones? Apply what you now know to give your target audience something that is relevant and that they resonate with because it satisfies a human need or helps them get to it through something that does. For example, we may ask what do you want out of life, someone may say to be rich, or make a million dollars (this is just example, not applicable to every person). That is not their underlying need.. go deeper. For a second time what is it you want out of your life? To own a mansion and a yacht (okay, we're not talking about Elmer J. Fudd, from Bugs Bunny). Still not what their primary need is.. lets go deeper down the rabbit hole.  Third time, what is it you really want in your life, and what does owning a mansion and yacht do for you? It makes me feel important, it makes people respect me, etc. Now we're getting somewhere! Look at Primary Need for Significance. You'll find this person's underlying human need at this moment may be to feel important, to be significant.

Let's bring it all together and show you how experiential is so powerful.  With what you just learned about this person seeking significance you know they are in need of feeling important. What do you think if your destination, service or product can be aligned with a feeling and sensation of importance, giving someone that feeling of being a VIP or be the envy of others? Now you're catching on. It's not so easy to apply this to mass audiences or general public. You have to broad stroke it but you definitely need to know your audience. Through the experiential events we produce for our clients we know most the demographics, psychographics and technographics of those who will be attending. This allows us to build a proverbial Trojan Horse to enter into the individuals' sub conscious communication to carry on a dialog about what they really want that they may not be articulating out loud or clearly. More importantly it builds a invaluable bridge between a destination, service or product and our clients.

You can apply this knowledge in your marketing campaign to create incredible results. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by giving your audience what they really want but may not be clear in telling you what they want. To clarify, someone is not just buying a television because they want to watch television it is because they may want to be able to feel good or excited in watching shows, or connect with family and friends by enjoying the experience together. This may be a bit difficult to bring on board and for it to work seamlessly, but if applying this strategy was easy you'd be in my shoes  :)  From events I've produced decades ago some of the guests still talk about it, and share photos from them to this day years later. That in itself is a powerful statement about the effectiveness of delivering a memorable, sustainable and moving experience.

May you awaken the senses of your customers and create memorable long lasting experiences for them!

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