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Email marketing has become more the standard than snail mail.  If you wonder if your emails are being opened you may never know, but you can increase the probability that 1) your caption will be looked at; and 2) the email will be opened. Here's some important insights that will improve you email effectiveness.  *These tips and insights are based on information has been gathered from dozens of email marketing surveys including personal marketing experiences and experience building trials.

1. Use images, Don't use images.. What do I mean?  Surveys show readers responding they rather see emails with images; however behavioral studies show actual click through rates by readers decrease as the number of images increase. This may be because it slows down load time, as well as time to scroll through message. Nevertheless, as they say a picture is worth a million words, for example see the text below, and the image and which one gives you a better reading experience and understanding?

"We produce outdoor events"

                 -  OR  -


 2. Pixel overload. No one likes waiting for an email to load. This is especially true with ones with images that have not been optimized for web use. An image should not be more than 72 dpi if is for view in an email or website. The more DPI the longer the email or website will take to load, creating a negative user experience

3. Use Alt Text - not all those receiving your emails will have images authorized to view, and will be looking at emails in text format only. You can increase the opportunity for your image to be interpreted and not wasted if the reader can't or won't view your image. You do this after you upload an image to your email palate. Right click the image and you should have an option to Edit Image. When you see this select Alt Text and enter your message. An example of what you would enter is your website URL, phone number, email link or other important sound bite of information you want the reader to act on.

4. Keep the size of your image reasonable. Larger images get less favorable attention, and often if too large causes the reader to not view beyond that image.

5. Place hot link on images to optimize their use. This also makes it search engine friendly, resulting in a possible SEM boost.

6. Creative Commons. Make sure the images you use are either yours or you have permission to use them.

7. Opt Out. If you are sending out mass emails you need to have an opt out link on email to conform to Can Spam regulations.

8. Let the reader know what you want them to do. You'd be surprised how many communications go out without any focus or call to action.

9. Power words. There are some words that work better than others in the caption. You would image as important meetings are in our everyday business lives the use of the word meeting would get immediate attention. The surprising reality is use of the word "meeting" in the caption results in a lower response rate!  Likewise if you focus on something of value or benefit to the reader versus something about you, your product, service or company (such as use of the word "me" or "my")  you will get more positive outcomes. There are long lists of buzz words that work and don't work, online.  Make your email relevant, timely and personally valuable to the reader.

10. Make it personal. You will be received with a more friendly disposition if the reader sees you as a person rather than a company. Emails ideally should come from you, and not a 'company', e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. rather than This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

11. HTML and Plain Text. Remember you can send out your emails in HTML format or Plain Text. Readers prefer HTML, but some email systems have been set to view in plain text only for cyber security.

12. Creating Trust. Don't send emails to people you don't personally know with the entire body trying to sell what you have to offer. I am sure you don't like being sold to, especially by those you don't know. Better to provide some value or insights that assist the reader in areas that you are versed and build a sale based on the relationship you can develop out of trust.

Happy Emailing!


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