Experiential Event Marketing

High touch activations that engage and enroll

The Value of Experiential Events


  • Experiential event activation accelerates purchase decisions.
  • Experiential takes your customers on a journey, guiding them to their destination through emotional bridges and educational tools.
  • Event platforms attract thousands of guests as physical activations offer experiences that cut through the clutter and establishes a dialog with the insular subconscious.

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The most successful companies and destinations are the most strategic and can command a premium for their brands while enjoying sustainable traffic from the long term word of mouth and good will by creating memorable experiences. Because we develop and produce strategic marketing and brand building results from live face to face events we generate top mind experiences, recall, and 'call to action'.  Now you can either connect emotionally or logically to your target audience. Those who understand why customers buy understand decisions built upon an emotional trigger is far more effective than a decision solely based on logic or need versus want.  By connecting what happens in your prospects' amygdala and limbic system to your products, services, and destinations you convert under-utilized capital into marketing and PR gold.

By integrating the creative with the pragmatic we connect the proverbial dots between disparate events, human needs and trends as we reveal the big picture and weave a new tapestry for you that generates engagement, activation, trial, recall, word of mouth, brand equity and loyalty with immersive supported by other marketing and advertising disciplines.

Someone can describe a mountain to you, maybe in a blog, article or on the radio. Perhaps even show you a photo of it in a magazine or on television. Want a strategy that dwarfs these other mediums? We can bring the proverbial "mountain" and experience directly to your target audience for you. Which experience is more powerful and memorable? We bring the experience to your audience where they eat, shop, congregate and play.

When Yardley of London wanted to promote their body soaps we created a mock shower stall by sourcing and partnering with Kohler. The resulting experiential immersion allowed guests to enter and sing in the dry shower installed in mega malls nationwide. The campaign was further enhanced by incorporating soap opera stars (the "Soap Studs") from One Life to Live, and General Hospital to be part of the event. This created channel and couponing opportunities, word of mouth, and media attention - both radio and print. We likewise offer you experiential based activation and results nationwide.

Imagine if years later after a customer buys from you or visits your destination they are still talking about it, telling others about it, and even posting photos or feedback about their experience.

The key to your success is the experience you craft for your audience. Now, you may not know there is a process to creating results better than traditional marketing or just winging it can. Ever heard of "experiential"?  It's okay if you haven't, often this platform is used by the biggest brands on earth with access to those who understand their target audience, their beliefs, habits, and behaviors better than the customer. BUT, here we'll pull back the curtain for a peek at what their marketing strategy involves.

S:   Strengths
W:  Weaknesses
O:  Opportunities
T:   Threats

This catapults you from same ole to putting you ahead of the curve.

Know your audience:
1. Demographics
2. Psychographics
3. Technographics

This allows you to best determine how to leverage what you have as it relates emotionally and logically with your audience.

The most powerful and proven medium for long term results in messaging, branding, influence in purchase decisions, WOM, and loyalty is through physical EVENTS. Events provide physical interaction and immersion ensuring both a conscious and sub conscious dialog takes place with your target audience.

We also activate our clients' target audience by applying and engaging human needs filters (See Maslow, Max-Neef, etc.).

Fundamental needs:

  1. Physiological (sustain life and health)
  2. Safety (being certain/feeling secure)
  3. Love and Belonging (community/being connected)
  4. Esteem (mastery/independence/prestige/dominance)
  5. Self-actualization (self fulfillment, growth, peak experiences)
  6. Transcendence (contribution/helping others)

If you are ready, the time is now.
We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

Event Marketing Experience

  1. Nationwide experiential event marketing;
  2. Strategic brand development and integration;
  3. Large scale events, pop-ups, tours, show logistics, and management;
  4. Sponsorship package development;
  5. Consumer promotion;


MWBE Certification

There is a reason why a growing number of companies are seeking to do business with certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises ("MWBE").

City, State and Federal Tax Incentives

Retaining a MWBE supplier for your company can result in tax incentives, rebates and breaks from a variety of governmental agencies. Whether the MWBE is contracted or sub-contracted to perform work for your business the tax incentives can provide your company significant tax savings or credits for work earmarked as MWBE contracted or sub-contracted work.

Internal and External Supplier Diversity Requirements

Companies in the US often have internal or external pressures to employ and employ diversity as part of their conducting business.

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Doing More In Less Time

Business owners and executives work at 120% - 130% capacity!  It is virtually impossible to get "everything" done in the course of your work day.

Studies show there are 340 hours of reading and catching up to do at any given point.  Because executives are working with smaller staff and doing more in less time, they constantly working just to get out from under the backlog.


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